What Should I Get My Wife For Our Anniversary?

The age old question: What should I get my wife for our Anniversary? If you Google it you get everything from “A Map of the Stars” to “An Audible Subscription”. If you are a man, and you are reading this, you are probably smart enough not to get her something to clean with.

What if I told you that one of the coolest gifts you could get her is an Anniversary Photoshoot! What is that, you say? Think about it. The last time you two were photographed together, just the two of you with NO KIDS, was probably your engagement or wedding photos. Those photos are always so fun because you are madly in love, your wife felt beautiful and adored, and couldn’t wait to show you off to all her friends.

Why not make her feel like that again. The longer we are married, the more we know each other. I don’t know about you, but I love my husband so much more now, then I did when our engagement photos were taken . Why? Because we have been through ups and downs, seen each other at our worst, and still decided to keep showing up. I love that he knows me better than anyone else, and I love that we can show our kids what marriage is supposed to look like, disagreements as well as affection.

I know, I know, you hate taking photos. So do it for HER! Selflessly set aside an hour and I promise I will make it painless, and I even promise to have her give you a kiss or two during the session. Totally worth it, right!

Make her feel like a million bucks, and book a photo session to celebrate the two of you and what makes you unique and special. We can be simple and sweet, we can get creative, I can help with all the details.

This is a no-brainer. Best. Anniversary. Gift. Ever…… unless you have a trip to the Bahamas hidden in your back pocket. Ready to wow her?



A Bright and Colorful Bohemian Desert Elopement

When planning to elope, our parents generation would simply put on a sensible outfit and head off to either the courthouse or Vegas. In our current culture, elopements offer an avenue of creativity, where you can splurge on the gown, the florals, the details, and still keep costs relatively low for just you and your love. This gorgeous bohemian session took place at The Boulders Grove Ranch in Yucca Valley, and The Pioneer Town Motel in Pioneer Town, California. With vibrant florals and a gorgeous desert landscape, it is hard to imagine a full wedding being much better. I really think the star of this shoot though, was the amazing lace wedding gown from The Reclamation Design Company! Trista Smith is a genius when it comes to bohemian dress design, and this flowy piece of art is what boho dreams are made of!

Take a look at the images from this inspirational elopement.


Here are the vendors used during this shoot. If you are local to Southern California, check them out and add them to your own vendor wish-list for the most perfect elopement or wedding!

POP Goes the Color Wall: La Jolla, CA

"Where did you find that amazing color wall", people ask. This gem is located in the beautiful city of La Jolla, California (7596 Eads Ave, La Jolla, CA 92037) to be exact. 

As many of you know, I'm sorta addicted to color. I'm attracted to things that make my eyes LAUGH, and this is definitely one of them.  Me and my sister decided to go on an early morning adventure, traveling the 120 miles from San Bernardino into San Diego county in order to experience the wonderfulness of this wall.  Its randomly placed in the middle of the downtown area, next to a small Ju Jitsu shop. Parking is scarce, but hey, it's San Diego; the weathers always perfect for a short stroll. The story behind this wall is pretty cool too. You can google it, or check it out HERE. 

I wanted to scout this location out for Senior Sessions and Engagement Sessions. It's a drive from my normal area, but with something this fun, its soo worth it.  Of course, we decided to do our own fun photo-shoot to document this awesomeness. We are silly and just goofing around, but check out the photos below if you need a little color in your life today! 

Want to book a session and travel down to this wall with me? Contact me HERE and lets get something on the books!!

Much Love, Beth

Warm Southern California Spring-Family Session

Oh Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun, please shine down on me..... 

It's March, and everything is neon green here in sunny SoCal. Between the bouts of rain (which were desperately needed), we had a handful of cool sunshine-filled days. The Fisk family seemed to have brought their own blend of sunshine to their session, as every photo was just bursting with light and a brightness that encompassed their family vibes.  I worked along side Cherie to help her plan and coordinate her families wardrobe to make sure her family photos turned out exactly how she had it in her mind. Her two sweet kids were laughing and playing and reminded me why I adore taking photos.  I not only got to play outside, but I got to connect with some amazing new people and serve them in a way that they will always remember. 

This blue floppy hat was that extra accessory that brought some added dimension to their photos and Cherie's outfit. It also added a little coy somethin-somethin as her and her hubby got close. I am so giggly over how sweet these two are. Looking sharp in that suit too Sir; thumbs up. 

Bow-tie and suspenders are always a go-to for small boys. Pair it with this cuties red hair and you have instant perfection! I know this isn't my kid, but would it be creepy if I hung this photo up in my house? haha. He looks like one of the model's that come in the picture frames you buy from the store..... Too. Cute. For. Words. 

The Fisk's were open to any ideas I had, and were troopers when I had them all lay down in this tall grass. I'm loving this San Dimas location because it really does give me so many options for the different photos I want to take. 

This face say's it all..... Big sister is all love and little brother is clearly "thrilled" with it all. haha. 

Thank you guys for trusting me, I'm loving the way this session turned out. Lots of variety, but most importantly, it exudes YOU. Who you are as a family is evident in all the love I see here. What a blessing. 


Like what you see? Want to book a session? Contact me HERE and lets get you set up for a Spring session of your very own! 

Much Love, Beth

Colorful Spring Inspired Photo-shoot: San Dimas Family Session

Who else is looking forward to spring? Sundresses, warm breeze and sunshine are stuff most people only dream of in January and February. Lucky for us here in Southern California, the heavy rain has brought out bright greens and soft rays of sunshine dispersed throughout the week. 

Last week I had the honor of photography the amazing Valdez family. Kelly has a very encouraging and motivating story, loosing over 90 lbs, and building a dedicated following of people who long to be inspired. You can check out her journey over at www.MyFittingLife.com. Her confidence shines through in all these photos and it was truly a joy to see this new mama rock this stunning Coral gown with an "almost one" year old on her hip. 

The connection between this sweet family left me with all the feels. This session ALMOST convinced me that we are already in spring! This has to be one of my favorite photo sessions to date..... Take a look for yourself.  As always, contact me if you want to document these moments between you and your tribe! 

Sean & Kristen: Romantic San Dimas Pre-Baby Session

What can I say about these two? They are clearly crazy about each other; they were heating up this gloomy and rainy day with all their fierceness.  This session was completely dreamy; with lots of light peeping through the clouds and trees, casting just a touch of magic on this young love.  

Sean Kristen Blog 1.jpg

And this dress...what can I say about this dress? It was elegant and simple and brought so much movement to their photos. It catches your eye and is simply stunning on miss Kristen. Great job girl. You can never go wrong with a long maxi dress; It flatters every figure. This one was from Ross, so clearly you know you don't have to spend tons of money to get this look. 

Sean Kristen Blog 2.jpg

Sean and Kristen are expecting their first baby this year. Kristen called me wanting photos of her and her husband as a farewell to being just the two of them, as they looked forward to their next adventure as a family of three. I think its so important, whether you have kids in the house or not, to get photos done of you and your love. Most couples get the obligatory engagement and wedding photos done.....but wheres the love? Where are the "heck-yes-we-survived-7-years-of-marriage" photos? I think your journey should be captured at every stage and every once in awhile you should plan sessions without the kids. It gives you a chance to look back and remember how it all started. 

Sean Kristen Blog 4.jpg

Want a session of just you and your love? No occasion necessary. Email me and we will get something on the books that is perfect for you and highlights you and your person.