The Experience

There are a lot of talented photographers to choose from here in the Inland Empire (Southern California), so what really sets BMP apart from the others? I would like to think that its the experience that I create and, of course, my contagious enthusiasm!!!   I am so passionate about capturing the authentic dynamic with you and your family; nothing brings me more joy than being able to document something so precious and fleeting. I feel that my personality, and my genuine love of people add to your experience and ultimately put your entire family at ease. 


Let’s get to know Each other

When you first contact me, I like to find out more about you by having you fill out a questionnaire. I love to photograph genuine connections, and I’m hoping this is why you chose me to be your photographer. This involves you being you. Love on your children, laugh with your husband, pick flowers, skip rocks, talk about your day.. and let me document it. Yes, we will capture some posed smiling photos, but thats never my goal.  My goal is to create a fun and stress-free experience that leaves you and your family feeling like you "nailed-it" instead of "failed-it".  I shoot at several locations around the Inland Empire, all of which you can find in my Instagram Highlights reel. See a location you love? Let's make it happen. 

Preparing for your Session

Once you book your session, I will send you out a Style Guide to help ease those pre-session jitters. It goes through tips on how to pick what outfit options are best for you and your family . It offers advice on how to prep your family (hubby & kids always need additional coaxing) for photos and ways to ensure we all have a good time.  I will also provide you with access to my exclusive Styling Website (Style & Select), which helps you visually plan (and purchase) outfits for the entire family. My families love being able to plan the perfect vibes for their session right from their couch. Of course, I will be available to answer any questions along the way but most importantly, I can be the all-important tie-breaker between outfit #1 and outfit #2 when you just cant make a choice. 

During the Session

Most sessions usually last an hour.  I will help ease everyone into the session so no one feels awkward or self conscious. I'll give directions and encouragement, but most importantly, we will have fun. My goal is to capture the interactions and love that is unique to your family, so relax and just be yourself. Plus, genuine smiles look much better hanging on your walls than forced ones, am I right?  

Let the man in your life know that I will work fast, I won’t make him sit criss-cross-applesauce or do anything else he is not comfortable with, and will ensure that he gets to kiss a beautiful woman (that means you) at least once during the session.

After the Session 

Once our session is complete, I go to work meticulously picking out the very best photos that reflect your family perfectly.  I love to focus on the details and the emotion of each image. When you invest in a photographer, you invest in their talent and their eye for these types of decisions;  It is more than just a photo, its ART.  I edit each photo to make sure it reflects all of the details we both put so much thought into. I am a firm believer in natural beauty. I will retouch blemishes and skin tones so they most reflect you. If there is anything in particular that you want retouched, let me know, otherwise natural is always best.  Images are usually ready in 7-10 days and are delivered to you in a beautiful online gallery that allows you to download full-resolution images for printing at a third-party vendor.